Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Secure Check Writing Solutions for Small Business



Secure check writing and payment solutions for over 45 years. From check writing software and MICR check printers to Check Stock and manual signers, Office Automation Technologies offers a complete line of state-of-the-art payment solutions.

Our software products streamline your payment process and increase productivity while maintaining security. Utilizing a MICR laser printer and our Windows-based software technology, you will significantly reduce the time required to process checks, while reducing check costs by 5 to 15 cents per check. Printing checks from blank safety paper enhances security and reduces inventory. Changes to company name, address, phone numbers, and/or bank information are made easily and securely. Our software is compatible with most accounting systems.


On-Demand Check Writing Software  Forgery Protection MICR Check Printers MICR Toner                                  
Check Writing Software 100k-forgery Warranty Troy MICR Check Printer Troy MICR Toner Cartridge


Blank Check Stock Checkwriters and signers  Signatures (Digital & Plates)
Blank Check Stock Checkwriters & Signers Signatures (Digital & Plates)

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