MICR Toner Cartridges



TROY MICR Ink and MICR Toner have been specially formulated to maximize adhesion and readability while keeping the highest ANSI standards.




 Receiving an accurate and reliable MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) signal is crucial for check printing. Our magnetic inks and toners have been specially formulated to maximize adhesion and readability, while conforming to the highest ANSI standards and incorporating state-of-the-art improvements with each new cartridge.


Produced within TROY’s ISO 9001¹ certified facility, our magnetic ink and magnetic toner is precision-matched to meet the print characteristics of each TROY MICR printer. All of our ink and toner cartridges consistently meet or exceed the yield of OEM² cartridges, providing our customers with a low operating cost. We have the absolute highest standards for our clients’ check printing needs.


Forgery Protection available up to $100,000.00

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