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Print the Entire Check in One Pass

When printing the entire check at once, companies eliminate the risk of check stock being stolen and easily reproduced to draw funds from a specified account. Banks and organizations can print the entire check file at one time, including the company logo, customer data, MICR line, and digital signature.

Key Features of TROY MICR Printers

MICR Fonts: The characters that appear at the bottom of checks or financial documents. There are two different fonts which are used depending on established banking standards in the country. These fonts are E-13B and CMC-7. E-13B is used in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Mexico, Colombia, and Turkey. CMC-7 is used in France, Spain, Israel, South America (except Colombia) and other Mediterranean Countries.

Built-In Secure Encryption and Decryption: Data security is critical in a distributed printing application. TROY's encryption/ decryption technology "unlocks" and prints the data only when it is received at the TROY printer.

ExPT™ Exact Positioning Technology: A MICR line out of alignment is one cause of rejected checks, a multi-million dollar problem for banks and companies. ExPT™ allows users to precisely adjust the MICR line without affecting the data file.

TROYMark™ Intelligent Anti-Tampering Technology: A feature unique to TROY this feature produces a watermark of user defined variable data, printed diagonally across each check. It provides state-of-the-art deterrence of fraudulent check alteration.

Forgery Protection available up to $100,000.00

Built in Features Means Better Security

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